Patty Hayes (25 Feb 2011)
"Carol G."

Hi Carol,
Yes I did watch that program and still watch Glenn.  I was deeply impressed that timing was everything to Billy Graham.  Like John who wrote the Gospels and letters, who died at a very old age, God has kept Billy alive, and maybe for this very time.
Glenn's spirit is strong and deeply convicted in what he is doing.  He knows that it could cost him his life and the lives of his family.  They have agreed to stand with Glenn in this.  Now, I, too, wondered about what all was shared, since it was only to last an hour and went for a full 3 hours.
We don't know if Franklin Graham was present of any of Billy's other children were there.  But, I understand this Friday is when Glenn will share more about that time.  My prayer, like yours is that Glenn did come to the full revelation of who Jesus is, not a created being but the King of Kings, the God-man, 2nd person of the Trinity, and the only way of salvation.
Glenn has put everything out on the line and not only seeing the Unions gathering outside Fox during his show, but one wonders what the Islamic nations are saying/planning.  God has given Glenn the ability, along with his staff, to see through the mire and muck of our world and be discerning of why things happen.
I will be watching.  And as for others who wrote about Fox in general, yes, discernment is needed as not all are whom they say they are.  When Liz Cheney gets applauded for the work she did through the AYAL to topple Mubarak, I thought wait a minute here!!   What IS going on.  This "protest" was in the planning stage for a few years.  And, we know what is next is not real freedom and a Republic for Egypt as we see this Cleric's speech over the weekend who wants a Caliphate.  Sounds like NWO stuff penetrating the Media whose roots were Conservative and pro Constitution and Republic.
Patty Hayes