Patty Hayes (23 Feb 2011)

Hi Mercer,
I thought I would enter into the dialogue of the Pre-Trib view.  I have and still hold to that view.  Actually, I see that the come up hither that John pictured is when in John does see the Raptured Saints. He does see the 24 Elders and after chapter 5 there is no mention of the Church until Chapter 19 when we follow the Lord back to Earth.  
I understand that the Daniel passage of the Covenant with the Many is the Covenant with Israel to her neighbors and the nations, not someone showing up in Cairo to speak.  There was no established peace treaty done.  That would be a very large stretch in my understanding.  What I do see are those VERY LARGE BIRTH PANGS that will usher into that time period Daniel 9 spoke of, the 70th week, Peace Treaty with the man of fierce countenance.   I do not believe we will be here for that final 70th week.
But more so, the Premillenial View that holds the many differing viewpoints has been discussed over and over again.  At this juncture, I am not going to fight and die for this "battle" of debate.  My heart is telling me to be ready and when that moment, that nano-second when the Trump shall sound and the dead in Christ rise, then we who are alive will be caught up, we will know for a certain as the veil from our eyes will be removed.  It won't really matter then when we are home with our Savior and Lord, whether it is a full set of 7 years or 5 years, or 3 1/2 years.  Just being ready to go, having our spiritual bags packed so-to-speak, is what I want to be all about and taking with me as many as I can.
My heart is breaking as my family still will not hear.  They show no interest in even going to church with me.  The events we see before us is so overwhelming convincing that the culmination of time as we have known is to usher in the Antichrist and sever judgment as never seen before and the final end where those who refuse Christ to be lost forever outside of a relationship with God.  
The only one I am most certain of in my family is my mother as she did 2 weeks before she died prayed to receive Christ in her life.  The peace that overcame her was so evident, though not able to articulate except a couple of words, so exuded in her countenance that all around in the convelescant hospital asked what happened to my mother.  She had angelic visitation moments before she died.  What a blessing.  I look forward to seeing her again.
Patty Hayes