Patty Hayes (17 Feb 2011)
"? presented to me: What would you do, attend or not attend?"

Subject: What would you do, attend or not attend?

The evil man does prosper on earth, but when one enters the temple of God it becomes clear what is his end. [paraphrase from Asaph's?  Psalm]

Focus on the Family attended the CPAC convention.  (Conservative Political Action Committee)  There reasoning was if we don't meet with other conservatives then we lose the race against evil.  What would you do, attend or not attend?  This woman clarifies what are the the issues at stake from a Biblical perspective.
Good question.  I listened to others who call CPAC a dog and pony show and that they have lost their credibility to what is called Conservative.  They didn't go because it no longer held a serious debate to the issues confronting our nation.  Theirs was not because of whom the attendees where but the lack of original mission of the convention.
In googling the terminology use of Neocons, I, too, do not have much in common as many are tied to the CFR and have their historical roots imbedded with the liberals, of which today we see as Socialistic in viewpoint.  I have taken notice that Liz Chaney, Dick Chaney's daughter who has been involved in the "Youth Movement" that was one of the main organizations that help to bring down Mubarak's regime in Egypt has her ties with the Unions, whose ties go back to George Soros's Open Society movement.  Also, Liz is co-founder of the Keep America Safe with Bill Kristol and Deborah Burlingame.
Bill Kristol calls himself a neocon, not a true conservative.  I found the only thing conservative about Bill is relating to being fiscally conservative, staying distant from any moral values.
Deborah Burlingame is created for helping to found the International  Freedom Center whose sponsors are George Soros, Tom A. Bernstein, (CFR), Anthony D. Romero, ( American Executive Dir. of the American Civil Liberties Union), Eric Foner (Foner serves on the editorial boards of Past and Present, The Nation."the Flagship of the Left", NY Times, Washingston Post The LA Times and London Review of Books as well as other publications.)
What I once thought was trusted I am finding that many in the CPAC are cojoined with those who are on the Left.  There seems to be no real difference.  And if you notice, the "leadership" of the GOP are now seperating themselves from the Tea Party Conservatives. I had wondered why when Michelle Bauchman had her class in Congress regarding the Constitution, the attendence was extremely low..  I learned that Marco Rubio even distanced himself from the Tea Party.  And these folks seem to now to  denigrate the Tea Party.
All that to say this,  I would rather attend a delegation that best represents my political views, whose associations have no allegiance to socialistic ties or NWO ties.  As to the Biblical views, I could attend with those who agree with me on those political views and use that time in the love of Christ to foster the bridge of dialogue to presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  However, if there is at all a misconstrued idea that I would  agree to openly gay marriages or unions, I would have to say NO.  I would be very CLEAR in my Christian testimony and beliefs.  And, if that were not acceptable in that organization, then I would have to disassociate myself from there.  And most likely, they wouldn't want to be in a party that is as conservative not only in fiscal, national views but also in my moral/biblical worldview.  One wonders if there were any gays finding themselves in the Tea Party expression.  I didn't hear of any representation.
I am deeply saddened to learn that many who are in the GOP are covertly tied to the socialist agenda that I see as the tearing down of our Republic of which our heritage was granted to.  I could not associate, nor vote for those who would seek the destruction of our nation.  It is a long and hard fight but well worth it to restore back our nation.
Currently I see the military in Egypt  is seeking to merge the Muslim Brotherhood in with them from the reports of this morning's Fox News report ticker tape.  Is it a wonder that Bill Kristol on Fox's Chris Wallace Sunday congratulated Liz Cheney for her efforts in the toppling of the Mubarak regime, planning this back in 2008 utilizing her connections with the Youth Movement.   Now the military has shut down the constitution and is giving the "right hand of fellowship" with the Muslim Brotherhood??  This does not sound too welcoming to me.  How about you??
Patty Hayes
P.S.  In my research on the Days of Rage (America) for March 12, 2011 I googled several sights trying to locate the actual sight promoting this stateside.
What I learned was that there are many Youths for America that are most definitely tied to the Unions and Socialist/Communist political agenda blended in with Islamic/Socialist organizations.  There was one for sure that I found that was conservative group out of College Station/Bryan, TX.