Ola Ilori (19 Feb 2011)

Hi Doves,
Nicole wrote:
"When we come up with a time-line or a study or even in our own heart our desire for a certain date comes up in a dream, they get excited.  
They encourage us to that next leg of the race because that date could be as good as a day as any.   
These angels are ministering spirits and getting us to the next rapture watch date is just so we stay on our toes.  
I have noticed that there is the Bride and there are those who think they are the Bride.   
Those that think they are the Bride, they get hyped up about a rapture watch date and when the date passes either based upon a study or a dream, they get so angry they accuse people of being fake, getting their information from the devil, and they crucify them all over the Internet.   
These people have just fallen off the race and did not make it to the next leg.   
They became discouraged and angry and filled with sin."
So many Time-lines, so many rapture dates and so many rapture dreams  have come and gone, over the Years.
They have all, without fail, achieved their purpose - which is to keep the hope of the Lord's Coming alive, in the hearts of all those who are truly His Bride!
Well said Nicole,
Do remain blessed,