Neil Lipken (6 Feb 2011)
""Two suns" mentioned several times at Five Doves"

Several postings at Five Doves have been about "two suns" in the sky.  If Planet X (Nibiru) is real (and I am inclined to think that it is from all the information that I have seen), it is about 40,000 miles in diameter (5X the diameter of earth, which is 8000 miles).  As it makes its pass into the inner solar system and whips around the sun, at some point it would be close enough to earth to appear to be the same size as the sun.  Furthermore, some think that it is a burnt out brown dwarf star, and that it still has some light to it.  It is supposed to pass through the inner solar system in the fall of 2012.  And, by the way, it could severely disrupt earth's gravitational system, causing some of the things we read about in the book of Revelation concerning the Tribulation Period.  Since people are "eating, drinking, marrying, buying, selling, planting, building, etc." at the time of the Rapture (in other words, life is normal when the Rapture happens), if Planet X is real, the Rapture would therefore happen before Planet X makes its pass through the inner solar system.  That would place an upper limit to the time of the Rapture-----no later than the fall of 2012, sufficiently earlier than Planet X's passing.