Nando (7 Feb 2011)
"Lunar and Solar Eclipses point to the Tribulation Time"


Feb 6, 2011 Lunar and Solar Eclipses point to the Tribulation Time

In the comments of my blog today Michael posted this:


My answer is as follow:

Michael I just got back from the grocery store I opened the blog and saw your comment.
As I have stated before I communicate with Jesus through license plates in the cars. In the grocery parking where I parked there was a car with the license ending in 7177 and I saw it two cars away from mine. I thought it was another one of which I see many, but when I opened your comment I saw the importance of the 177 and Jesus was pointing it out ahead of time by less than an hour in time.
Your eclipse chart is definitively important.

Michael was leaving a comment about Daniel Matson timeline.

As you saw in  the above description it occurs to me that I received a text message through the plates to confirm an e-mail latter, what a God we have!