Nando (21 Feb 2011)
"To Mercer about Facebook and Google. Good Job!"

Mercer thank you for your very good article about Facebook and Google. As you state in the conclusion it is important to use this modern day tool for dissemination of information.
It is well advised to think that anything that is sent through the internet can be traced back to you by the government agencies of not only the USA but of the whole world if they so desire.
Anonymity is impossible with the IP numbers and all the tracking technology that is in place in the internet.
In our quest for the spreading of the Word of God's insight it is important to know that some evil entities will use this info against us. It is the chances we take in defense of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are under His protection at all times but it is important to act judiciously.

Our government has the obligation to protect the Nation and their role in obtaining information is necessary to protect us from people that mean us harm. The danger can be if our government becomes the harm it is trying to protect us from.
Mercer (18 Feb 2011)
"Face Book and Google---What you need to know"