Mitzie (1 Feb 2011)
"Prayer Request"

Please pray for my son-n-law to get off of drugs. There is such a strong demonic spirit of drugs on him, pray that he would submit to the Lord and turn around.
He has caused so much sorrow for our whole family for so many years now.
My daughter is a strong Christian woman, and they have 3 children. Please keep Amanda in your prayers too, she is in nursing school full time, works at the hospital on her off days, has to take care of the kids, and have this stress of him all at the same time.
Every time they get ahead, He falls off the wagon and ends of destroying their home. Please agree with me in prayer about this situation.
I have prayed sincerely to the Lord concerning this for many years now, (about 7), and I need my brothers and sisters in the Lord to stand in agreement with me against this problem.