Mike Curtiss (2 Feb 2011)
"The Pallalax Hoax UFO is an Optical Trick"

Dear Doves,
            Anxious for a sign? Do you long for evidence to support your belief's? Do you seek some evidence to convience recalcitrant family members about establishing proof of God's awesome powers? I know how you all feel.
           Lugging around your laptop, sending out links and forwards to friends and family would be a colassal mistake. After inpecting the alleged UFO visit to the Temple Mount, I was at first excited that this might be a sign. Then I recalled what Jesus Himself said about these days and deception. The are not going to be signs such as this to warn mankind, rather man would attempt to manipulate and create signs for his own purposes. 
           In the hands of experts, the UFO video over the Temple Mount is a fraud. For God Himself would never break His Word. Surely, everyone of us at Five Doves would know the truth.