Mike Curtiss (2 Feb 2011)
"UFOs Egypt Media Driven Coup"

Dear Doves,
             Only 200 people were seen waiting to protest Mubarak this morning. How can the MSM distort and bend the truth to the situation the global elite desire? Apparently, the powers that be want the destruction of the Egyptian/Israeli Peace Treaty. Ultimately, those same forces call for the destruction of Israel herself. The violence in Egypt is a necessary evil in order to plan a successful attack upon Israel after an islamic government has taken over. They need the most populous Arab nation to provide an army to attack.
            The end times attack includes the 'King of the South', so we can be assurred that this coup is successful. Despite the truth, the media's beating the drum for war. When stories out of Egypt continue to distort the crowds numbers to the benefit of the islamists. They also have chosen El Baradi as the new leader. He's a paid Iranian agent poised to hold power over all Egypt.
             Did you all notice the dual video evidence of a UFO landing on the Temple Mount snapping a picture then leaving at speeds unknown to man. Talk about a sign complete with 'two witnesses' Wow!