Michael Colunga (25 Feb 2011)
"RE:  Tyche, Nibiru, Planet X, etc."

Hello, John and Doves,
God is in control.  He will control the vertical.  He will control the horizontal.  Etc., etc..
It may interest y'all to know that Nibiru/Tyche/Planet X could be making conjunctions
with various heavenly bodies three times in the next year--if it even exists as such.
All distances are given from Earth.
As you can see, below, by March 15, 2011, it might be 2.1 AU distant from Earth--maybe.
If these projections prove true, we're in for a bumpy ride--perhaps.
First conjunction?:  March 15, 2011--2.1 AU distant--Saturn, Nibiru, Earth, Sun, Mars, Jupiter
                                                                            and Uranus--volcano/earthquake/tidal events
Celestial isosceles triangle?:  Sept. 19, 2011--0.523 AU distant--Nibiru equidistant from Sun
                                                                                                                                    and Earth
Second conjunction?:  Sept. 26, 2011--0.396 AU distant--Nibiru passes between Sun and Earth--
                                                                                        anticipated geological pole shift event
Perigee?:  Oct.  17--0.232 AU distant--21.57 million miles
Third conjunction?:  Nov 22--0.58 AU distant--Nibiru, Earth, Sun in alignment--anticipated
                                                                            Magnetic Pole Shift Reversal Event
Now here's the bottom line.  In addition to the above listed events, we could see one of her
three planets/moons impact Earth at some time--maybe, if there is such a thing as Nibiru,
or whatever.
Take all this in with a pinch or a pound of salt, to taste.
For the intellectually curious, look up this data at your favorite conspiracy discussion site.
Btw, I am making no predictions.  I am merely laying out the theory so that it can be proven
true or false.
Since it's rude to say it afterwards:  If this proves to be true, y'all were informed in a timely
Jesus is LORD!
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Kevin Heckle (23 Feb 2011)
"Tyche, Nibiru, Planet X, etc.: Some Perspective on a Hypothetical 9th Planet"

Tyche, Nibiru or Planet X: Some Perspective on a Hypothetical 9th Planet
"[16] For we have not followed cunningly devised fables, when we made known unto you the power and coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, but were eyewitnesses of his majesty." - 2Pe 1:16 KJV
According to Revelation 8:10-11, there certainly will be a deadly celestial object known as Wormwood that will fall to Earth. One-third of the Earth's water will be contaminated because of this object, most likely an asteroid or cometary-type object.  The Bible is clear that this will happen.  However, I'd like to offer some perspective on any immanent danger this hypothetical Tyche or Planet X may pose to Earth in the near future. 
It is surprising how stories get twisted, even by Christians who are supposed to search a matter out for the truth.  Often, these types of stories are sold by those who profit from doomsday/survivalist gear and materials.  For instance, one of the internet news stories reported that NASA had shut down the WISE observer in an effort to hide the evidence of this hypothetical doomsday planet dubbed Tyche.  When you read NASA's actual report found here: http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/WISE/news/wise20110218.html the WISE survey was successful in that it has properly imaged, by infrared method, the entire sky.  Now that the data has been recorded, it will take a few years to analyze.  There are literally billions of objects to consider.  Another of the articles twisted this two-year time frame to analyze the data (a picture of the whole sky) into NASA's secret estimated time-of-arrival of Nibiru or Planet X within two years.  The real reason WISE was shutdown is that it has done its job for now, there is no reason for it to be powered up for the next six months.  The picture has been taken.  However, the data can be analyzed in the mean-time.  Six months from now, WISE can be powered-up and a second picture can be taken for comparison.  If a cold planet-sized object at the edge of our solar system appears to have moved during that time, from one snap-shot to the next, it will be confirmation of one or more large celestial objects orbiting the sun at the distance of the supposed Oort Cloud.  The orbiting object could be a gas giant like Jupiter, a Brown Dwarf star or NOTHING at all. 
The reason theorists expect there to be a large previously unknown planet is that some evolutionists have hypothesized that earth extinction events come at regular intervals:  that is - this large hypothetical planet regularly disrupts smaller objects like comets in the Oort Cloud at the edge of our solar system, jolting them gravitationally towards an eventual devastating intersect with earth.  Evolution resets according to the theory and wallah, a whole new set of species appears in the geological record.  I assure you, if there was a certain Planet X, Nibiru or Nemesis out there somewhere, the evolutionists would be proclaiming it on the Discovery Channel as a proof of their godless theories.  They wouldn't hide it.  I'm not saying its not out there, its just that they have found no certain object that fits their hypothesis.  They wouldn't be able to contain themselves if it were so.  
In the NASA article that old Nemesis theory is actually refuted, thus it renames the hypothetical planet as Tyche.  It is possibly out there, just not the malevolent version as the previous theory of Nemesis.
Here is the bottom line:  If indeed there was sighted an object at the edge of our solar system in the Oort Cloud (even the Oort Cloud is hypothetical), it would lie somewhere between 2,000 and 50,000 AU's (AU=Astronomical Units) from the sun.  ONE AU is the distance of the Earth to the Sun!  If we were to see a large planetary object or perturbed comet at the very inside edge of the hypothetical Oort Cloud at 2,000 AU, headed directly for the Earth, it would take hundreds of years for it to intersect with near-Earth.  The fastest planet (known) in our solar system Mercury travels at 107,372 MPH.  2000 AU is roughly 186 billion miles.  At tiny Mercury's high-speed, the hypothetical giant planet (or its affected comet) would take 198 years to intersect near-earth on a straight-line path from it's nearest hypothetical position.  To reach near-earth in a straight-line intersect within two years, the hypothetical Planet-X would have to be traveling at over 5000 KPS or 11.2 million miles per hour.  The only object (Star S2) traveling that fast is tightly circling a black hole at the center of its galaxy.
Wormwood is out there, it just MUCH closer than the Oort Cloud's hypothetical planet Tyche or Nemesis.  Wormwood will come.  Maybe Tyche perturbed Wormwood hundreds of years ago, if Tyche exists at all.  Whether it is an unknown comet or asteroid, Wormwood will appear after our rapid-departure, causing men's hearts to fail for fear of the heavens being shaken (Luke 21:26).  Tyche isn't Wormwood, but it was one of the false goddesses of Greek Antioch.  Don't put your faith in that.
My two-cents (for what it's worth).
In Christ,
Kevin Heckle