Michael Colunga (24 Feb 2011)
"RE:  Ed--"Other Cameras & the Pale Horse""

Hello, John and Doves,
I hate to say this Ed, but these are "security" cameras.  As such, the images they have captured are
probably now in some "secure" computer memory.  Once again, "the just shall live by his faith."
[Habakkuk 2:4]
Of course, there is another explanation:  the AC has sunk money into a new ale called, of course,
"Pale Horse."  Ya huh.  Furthermore, "they" are pushing this new ale made with engineered grain
by means of subliminal advertising.  And if you buy that, I've got some gulf-front property in Otay
The fact is, we do not know exactly what John saw.  We can only read the inspired Word of God.
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Ed (23 Feb 2011)
"Other Cameras & the Pale Horse"

2/22/11 Myra posted:
The problem with trying to explain away the imagine caught on camera is this, Fox News reported one week ago last Sunday, that the imagine was captured on ALL security cameras along with the media cameras.  This I believe, makes it a little harder to explain it away.  I wrote John last Saturday about this and it was posted on Monday Feb. 14 under the title Pale Horse.
Despite my searching, the only image I've found comes from that one camera.  I would love to see this from a different location.  Does anyone know a link where they may be posted?