Michael Colunga (23 Feb 2011)
"RE:  Dave Molina--"To Janet, re:  Noah the flood and the rapture""

Hello, John and Doves,
Brother Dave,
Let me share what I think is "imminent," by the LORD's standard.
The Holy Spirit has impressed upon me that the killing of the four Americans aboard
the Quest, which murder was carried out by Somali pirates, is the sort of thing that
starts World Wars.
It is usually a minor occurrence--as measured against the wide world of human affairs--
that raises the ire of a nation offended [in this case, the United States of America].
The unprovoked murder of innocents [in this case, Christian brothers and sisters]
is often the flash that kindles the powder keg of a World War [or perhaps the Psalm 83 war].
It remains to be seen whether our fearless leader has the c-j-n-s to recognize that war
has been declared against the United States of America by this unprovoked act of aggression.
In the midst of all things happening in the world, including the most recent 6.3 quake in
Christchurch, the LORD spoke these words to my spirit:  "Be Ready!!"
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Dave Molina (21 Feb 2011)
"To Janet re: Noah the flood and the rapture"

Hi Janet,
You said " Many people see the Flood and Noah's escape as a parallel phenomenon to the Rapture....." Actually, I have always heard and been taught, that Noah and the Flood are a picture of Israel going through the Tribulation, which the Lord delivers them from at the end. And Enoch, which is taken to heaven prior to the flood is a picture of the Church escaping the Tribulation via the Rapture. Which is correct, time will tell. This is just another thought on the subject. I tend to agree with Israel as Noah and Enoch as the Church. Well, if Dr. Owour is correct and the rapture is indeed imminent then who cares. Also, for the second time this week I heard the term imminent used concerning the rapture. Dr. Owour, and then Pastor Chuck Smith said so this week on Pastor's Perspective. Chuck tends to be more guarded these days in using those types of terms, so I was surprised to hear him say so. After all, imminent means, well imminent!