Michael Colunga (11 Feb 2011)
"RE: Suzi-- Maybe I'm just paranoid...."

Hello, John and Doves,
Suzi, I discern that you and your family have made liberal use of the Word of God--a sword in our
arsenal of spiritual weapons. [Ephesians, chapter 6]
Now, I pray that all Doves join together to create a wall of shields that will quench the fiery darts
of the Enemy. [again, Ephesians, chapter 6]
At this late hour, the waning days of the Church Age, we must protect each other the way an
ancient army would protect itself from a rain of arrows. [See footage of the battles in the Lord
of the Rings movies.]
May we be as one Body, invincible in the wisdom and strength of our LORD and Savior,
Jesus Christ.
In HaShem [The Name],
Mike C.
Suzi (9 Feb 2011)
"Maybe I'm just paranoid...."

...but there are some odd things going on around our family with cuts & hands.

First, we just found out that my career criminal cousin who had a 5 stitched 1.5 inch cut on his palm at Christmas time and was washing dishes without gloves and bragging about making the candy, etc. has Hepatitis C. Theoretically that means that me & my family, my sis and most of her family, plus a couple of extras were all exposed to this disease.

Then, my daughter's friend started to lean against his front door, missed and crashed his hand through the side window, was sent via ambulance to the ER (on a Friday), was told he'd severed the tendon to his little finger and scheduled for surgery on Monday...just to be told that he'd also severed the tendon to the 'ring finger' and the tendon had retracted up into his arm, so he's got to have a specialist do another surgery on Weds.!

Now, today, her other friend was using an exacto knife, to cut the binding on his PROTECTIVE gloves for Theater, and sliced his finger open! She was with him at the college's first aid, and they told her when it happened (she wasn't in the room at the time), it was actually spurting! She drove him to the local ER, where they are right now, and she just sent me a text telling me that he nearly cut his finger OFF...and most likely hit a tendon and if that's the case, they won't sew it up! *same as her other friend*.

What's really upsetting in all this, is how it all seems related somehow. The first one threatens the health and life of my kids (my son was not there, just my 2 daughters and future son-in-law....but as the younger daughter put it yesterday, if she were to contract Hep C, it would keep her from giving blood! She's a regular donor, very proud of the fact that every donation 'saves 3 lives'.

With the two friends, the first one is a young man she's wanting to get to know better. They have a lot in common, he's been a Christian for 5 years and is doing 'stand up comedy'....he was supposed to go with us this weekend on a trip to So. Cal. My husband was looking forward to getting to know him. But for his career, he was booked in one of the bigger comedy clubs down there, and now he can't go. Plus the fact that he was going to act as 'MC' for a charity event my daughter and her other friend are involved in, and he's going to miss so many rehearsals, he may not be able to.

The other friend is also a 'theater geek', and he just got a 'call back' for a play that is going to be going into production soon, besides the above mentioned charity play they are in. He's a major character in it...so I don't know how they're going to work in a bandaged hand into the part!

How odd is that though, for 3 major medical issues involving 'hands' to affect your family? Am I just seeing/feeling things that are not anything connected?

I know I have a very over-active imagination.

Please keep us all in prayer. The odds of us actually being affected by the 'brush' with Hep C are low, but they are possible.

These two young men may have life changing injuries...pray for complete healing...and especially for the first friend, who, in my opinion was NOT treated properly in the first place! At least with the boy now, they are saying they won't stitch things if he hit a tendon, since it will have to be dealt with by a specialist. The first kid they stitched and sent home for 3 days!! Now the damage is so bad, he's got to have a major operation. I also just realized that he's not able to work, so who knows how this will affect him financially.

Thanks Doves!