Mercer (25 Feb 2011)
"2011 was always a planned melt down"

It is now abundantly clear to me that Obama is merely a tool doing the bidding of some higher puppet master. And it  is horrifing for me to see most of America blind to the destruction that is coming. None of you know me. I have 0ne close friend who reads Doves.......Hi Margie!! ... So take what I write at face value and believe or  not.

Today I started a study on Egypt. And those that "came out of Egypt" I believe all of History is in Genesis. I believe Genesis 13-14, Where Abram has to go save lot after the first battle in the Bible mirrors Psalm 83 war. That's what I'm working on now. Might be a day or two. He "came out of Egypt" and settled in Bethel before this battle.

In the first war, the Palestinian refugees, who are the "tents of Edom", (Psalm 83:6) will form a confederacy with Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria against Israel. The devastation of this war on both sides, including the complete destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17), leads to the conclusion that Israel's existence will be threatened to the point that they will have no choice but to unleash what they call the "Samson Option"; taking down their enemies with massive retaliation in the form of nuclear warfare. The following scriptures describing this "Great Middle East War":

Psalm 83 · Isaiah 17 · Jeremiah 47-49 · Ezekiel 35-36 · Joel 1:13-20 · Amos 1-2 · Obadiah · Zephaniah 2 · Zechariah 9-11
Great Middle East War

Before looking at the second war, a note must be made about two countries not directly mentioned in either war; Iraq and Egypt. If the fulfillment of these coming wars is in the near future, we can see that Iraq will not be in either war as it has been neutralized as a threat by the United States. As for Egypt, currently Israel and Egypt have a nearly three decade long peace agreement that could possibly hold through the conflicts. However, there are several prophecies in the Old Testament of judgment against Egypt that have not been fulfilled yet. It is possible that these prophecies are either fulfilled during the Great Tribulation, or in one of these two other wars as a result of collateral damage, as they are not listed as being a member of either confederation.