Mercer (21 Feb 2011)
"Deborah (19 Feb 2011) "The Lord says, 'Time is over'...."

I think Prophecy is like an onion. It has layers that are to be peeled back. The tribulation's forshadowiing has been played out in cycles since the beginning of time. Building to a climax.........for the Final Tribulation. And we are now there. And it is horrifing to watch it unfold as we know what is coming for unbelievers. May all Christians wake up to the reality of what is to come. May Pastors start preaching Revelation and nothing else.
Deborah (19 Feb 2011)
"Prophecy: "The Lord says, 'Time is over'....Global Riots are Prelude to End Times Global Judgments"

A side note to the below: Dr. David Owuor of Kenya, says that 3rd Seal of Judgment was broken in August 2008.  The 3rd Seal is the Black Horse Judgment of global economic collapse and rampant inflation.  I've been down with the flu lately, so lots of time in bed "to think".  Something occurred to me:  Was Hitler the Rider on the White Horse (the 1st Seal Judgment.....the one who went around "conquering one nation after another")??  In other words, have we been misinterpreting prophetic scriptures?  Has the book of Revelation begun already?......and happening over a much longer period of time than we have been led to expect?  Now I read about Dr. Owuor of Kenya who says we have already advanced past the 3rd horsemen of global economic collapse.  I have wondered about this myself for years now.  What's happening in the world certainly "fits" this description in Rev 6:5.  Additionally, as many of you saw, there was a CNN film clip of Egypt protests a week or two ago, depicting what many believed to be the pale green horse, the 4th horsemen of Apocalypse.....being unleashed upon the world February 2011???  We've skipped over the 2nd Horsemen: which takes peace from the earth and people should kill one another......that seems to be happening now with the global unrest.....which is becoming increasingly more violent.  Gerald Celente predicts that a geo-political flashpoint is about to happen, which will most likely launch another major War.....we can virtually bank on it.  I don't know the answer to my ponderings.  But its definitely something to think about.  Many of us are in shock because we have been taught that none of these horrible things could happen until the rapture has occurred first.  Yet, these things are happening right before our eyes.....and we are still here.  OK, so now for the good news, Owuor has a word from the Lord that the rapture is now imminent.  It will happen any moment now.  I for one, sure hope so.