Mercer (19 Feb 2011)
"Orchestrated Chaos and the Coming Class Warfare in America"

Orchestrated Chaos and the Coming Class Warfare in America

February 18, 2011
Steve Quayle

The great disconnect between orchestrated chaos and the coming class warfare is becoming more in your face hourly. America is flat-ass broke, pillaged and plundered by the "shadow ghouls of international banking" and their totalitarian manipulation of every aspect of our lives and futures. Pensions, jobs and hope disappear daily as the American Dream vanishes in the glaring reality of those who still refuse to realize that they have voted continually for the "global slavers" and their "political hacks" whose promises are as empty as they have ever been and who have brought our once great Nation at the end of the line.

Liars and the empty promises of all politicians with very few notable exceptions have placed us at the pinnacle of peril, that makes contemporary language fail to convey meaning, requiring the Secular press to use Biblical terms to try and convey the lateness of the hour. "The petrified pulpit personalities" have gone into their 4-Monkey Mode of seeing nothing, saying nothing, hearing nothing and failing to warn, admonish or even tell their congregants that we are under divine judgment at the hand of a holy God and need both personal repentance and national repentance to even start back on the road to redemption. The borrower is servant to the lender, and the great awakening in America may finally come when the Chinese and other foreign nations come to claim their commercial rights on all that they hold the mortgages and commercial liens on.

Turn off your TVs for 1 day. Go sit by a calm mountain stream, a park or behold the breaking waves of the sea, wherever you find peace and solace. Look at every tree, flower, mountain, river stream or the non-chemtrailed sky and ask yourself what have I done to prepare for what's coming, when all that use to be comforting and beautiful is no longer available. Consider, when by design the Internet, your cell phones and all forms of communication stop and you are totally cut off from information, commerce and access to food and you are left with only the Government's "mind melt" TV propaganda as your only source of information, unless of course you had the foresight to acquire a shortwave receiver and a satellite phone or satellite Internet transceiver.

Hawk was made aware of an in the clear communication a number of months ago in which a Canadian General was laughing at the stupid US citizens who were going to be taken to the camps while all their goods were pillaged! This morning I received, from a very well connected Asian source, information telling me that all of the US gold is being moved to Canada for safekeeping.

If the elite are moving their physical gold you know something is up. Are you paying attention to the New Madrid lately, or how about Mt. St Helens, not to mention 30 of the world's most historically important and devastating volcanoes erupting concurrently or every other week. Signs in the heaven, sun, moon and stars and waves raging all point to Planet X - Gabriel's fist, yet the silence is maddening.

Super active Sun, extreme weather, crop failures and yet the Golden Arch mentality has produced a Nation of consumers unaware of what goes in to preparing the food we eat let alone the transportation necessary to bring the food and staples to market. Historically when famine ravaged Nations have nothing to eat they literally resort to eating each other. Even animal's appetites are changing as Hannibal's elephants turn to cannibal elephants - with the first recorded instances of elephants killing and eating people. From my Chinese friend, "Several weeks back I was in discussion with higher order bank people in China asking a simple question: "What is the time frame for getting prepared with food, precious metals and long term absence from the normal constant of social Internet?"

The answer was as to the point as one can get. "Don't walk, run!" Canadian bankers that I speak with all nodded in unison that America is preparing (yes) for a vacuum whereby the borders are locked down, and the banks would not allow citizens to take their personal wealth with them.

To avoid the Weimar drama, Canada (yes) is prepared to bunker the 'confiscated metals' and keep it in the Scotia or Bank of Canada storage centers.

Reasoning is that the government would not allow an open market barter exchange to happen if the banks were closed. The gangs seeking au in private homes would be a lure if the government did not step in and protect the assets of each and every American. The fact remains, many gangs (yes) will operate above the law based on their barter/financial network! SQ -- We are on vapor lock. Move all metals to locations away from your primary home bury them, hide them. Move food and necessary self defense weapons to secondary locations now if you have not done so. Have non-EMP dependent mode of transportation available - even a bicycle will get you further faster than just walking.