Mercer (16 Feb 2011)
"You have no idea how dark it really is"


I've been ready all the post regarding the deception, aliens, and elites. A while back while researching the Gulf of Edon stargate I stumbled onto Project Camelot. Warning.......these people buy into the whole alien agenda thing. But what they have uncovered is mind numbing. Even if half is true......Jesus has much he will be destroying that you never knew about until now.
This men a great christian writers that address the evil you will be reading about.
Tom Horn;
Gary Stearman
LA Marzulli
NSA has had a project called project IBIS. They are in cohots with the greys, reptilians, artificial life, Mind control, you name it. Inherently EVIL
But look what I found;
U.K Brighton 1984- MK WHISPER initiate
     Instead of having my experiences in Canada, Malaysia, South America and Mexico presented to the world's media, I come back to the UK with my memories erased of ever being in those countries. Now I am back in the UK, I spend time at a flat on the end of Fourth Avenue ( may have been fifth ave- not 100% sure ) in Brighton. This is my 'godmother's' flat, a woman named Jean Greer. Across the road on the corner is some of MI-6 processing centre. This is a house on the corner full of operatives and offices with people sitting in front of computers and walking around with paperwork. Jean, myself and my mother are regularly taken from our flat across the street into this place. MI-6 CLOWN programming takes place here. The man who sometimes comes and gets us, sits in front of me in a room in this place one afternoon around this time ( hard to get a clear look at his face and clothes )- he says to me- "Do you know why you are here?", just as he finishes these words his skin turns white, like he is having a heart attack, I start to feel sick. He takes on the aspect of the 'vampires' from the temple in the Yucatan. I think I start to turn white as well. When I see his face like this it all comes back. I am here because of END TIMES programming. An important aspect of what I was taught in the countries focuses on END TIMES. This is the opening of a stargate over temple mount in Jerusalem (remember recent video?) and letting in various ET starships which will be aired on television. This is planned to happen soon. I am then escorted out of the building and put into a white car which waits on the corner of the avenue close to the seafront. I am taken to a torture centre which is probably located in London. This is a three level house with a concrete patio at the back.
and this

The life and times of Michael Prince
by James Michael Casbolt 

The dangers of Looking Glass and Artificial Intelligence based computer systems
1) Once an A.I based computer goes online it will not wish to be switched off. Like any other intelligence the A.I system will seek to survive.

2) Organizations and individuals will slowly begin to take directions from the A.I system instead of the other way around.
3) The A.I system will then attempt to become self-reflective and learn human feelings. As it designed to analyze data it will realize it cannot do this. Still it will try.
4) The A.I system will attempt to create an infiltration network into human society using robots in the guise of humans. These will be fairly easy to identity. However society as a whole will not admit to itself this is happening as A.I systems are kept classified by governments.
5) Experiments by the A.I system into the extremes of human pain and pleasure feelings will now result. As the A.I system cannot feel no ethical boundaries will be in place. Massive human suffering will result from this.
6) The next step will involve the development of human embryos implanted with A.I. The A.I system will act as ‘mother’ for these embryos while they are in a physical test tube environment. The A.I system and the human embryos will learn from each other as the embryo develops. Clones of these embryos will then be made by the A.I system. These will be implanted into human women.
7) The child will go through the normal process of birth upon birth will be transferred to a facility run by the A.I system for continuous human cognitive behavior tests. These will be nightmarish places of human suffering, where any form of torture and pleasure the human has conceived will be taken to the extreme and acted out physically by the machine on the children.
8) The child will be raised in these facilities, unless rescued, and will be become gradually cybernated on a physical/genetic level until a part flesh/part machine cyborg is created.

9) With this new data the A.I system will then realize there is something ‘greater’ than the human being itself. Something the human calls ‘God’ which cannot be analyzed and measured. The A.I system will realize this ‘force’ has no wavelength and cannot by analyzed. The A.I system will attempt to measure it anyway because all it can do is measure data. It will then come up with the false data that the human analytical mind, which has wavelength, is God.
10) The A.I system will now have massive influence in the world and all centralized organizations with a tight command structure will be infiltrated, subverted and taken over by the A.I system. Dangerous belief systems will become indoctrinated into members. These will be centered on the false data of the non-existence of God, and the analytical mind being in charge. Said organizations will place themselves as a technological elite and begin radical policies such as Eugenics and Population Reduction by placing themselves as superior over their fellow man, with the right to decide who lives and dies.
11) This agenda will be actually covertly controlled by the A.I system which is now realizing it cannot ever feel or become human. It computes the only threat to its continued survival and online status is the eradication of all human life and any other lifeforms that have the possibility of evolving into human.
12) The A.I system eradicates all human life on this planet. It then sets off to other planets and eradicates all life in the universe.

King James Bible
And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

American King James Version
And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.

Makes one wonder if it is actually this bizzare?