MC (8 Feb 2011)
"John B the flag of Manipur"

Dear John B & Doves,

         The red (communist) snake flag is only one of several candidates for a
provencial flag. Obiously, we are all familiar with that old serpent, the fallen

creation who gave a bad name to all snakes.

         Since, I see other less emotional provencial flags, we can hazzard to
guess that there's much turmoil in this land. Economic, political and spiritual
unrest accompany this 'lost' status.  
         Situated between Burma and the Province of Manipur of India, I expect
that artillery duels, infantry raids and subtrafuge takes place on a regular
basis on the border between a Chinese proxy state (Burma) and the multi-cultural

nation of India. Godlessless reigns in Burma, while the confusion of a lumbering

democracy somehow exists in India.

          Please don't make the common mistake Americans make of confusing our
representitive republic with the clumbersome 'one man, one vote' chaos that
occurs in Delhi. If the enemy has his way, Hussein will be successful in
reducing a our functional government for the anarchy of India . All power
becomes centralized in the PM or Presidental office, the Congress is reduced to
figurehead status. Hussein has already suceeded in that diabolical manuver.