MC (6 Feb 2011)
"The Subjective Secular Left Brings Us COEXIST"


Dear Doves,

                Perhaps you have seen the colorful COEXIST bumper stickers on a passing vehicle in your city, or town? Who could possibly put a message together like this and post it on their car? Without spoiling the surprise, who has the most to gain from a universal slogan like this one?

                If you believe in Heaven, you must also believe in Hell. The person who has the most to gain from this message is the devil himself. He's using the post-modern cultural status of Western nations to fool and seduce people today. 

               The people who put thse stickers on their cars are not Christians, Jews, or muslims. No, these people are the enemies of God Himself. In their defense, many have never heard the good news of the Gospels. I have found them totally unable to have an honest discussion with me. As soon as the conversation turns toward Jesus Christ and His truth, they shut me down and refuse to address their brokeness. Other post-mods grow angry and utter curses and profanities.

               Either way, the day is soon coming when all of us must give an account for what we've done. I don't look forward to that very sad day. I carry a burden for all of God's children. We need to be in prayer for one another and the lost. I can see the coming storm and witness the days directly ahead of us. Please pray for me and all of the Brethren. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Amen

                                                Agape Love,



Thursday, February 3, 2011

The “Coexist” Movement and Delusion