MC (24 Feb 2011)
"The Enemy Belittles Good Let Us Pray"

Persevere & Twisted The enemy belittles good. The enemy is ever deceptive, the name of the game ... deceiver.

Signs are all around us on many levels, we are in the midst of mass starvation in the not distant future. Hybrid foods. Denying ways and means to live as we know how. Controlling power, water, food, income, jobs, seizing bank accounts, creating a free fall in the value of money, escalating prices, not drilling our own oil, debts that we can not pay, continued spending when we are already BROKE; Amazing to me that the populous has stayed quiet and seemingly indifferent to the stupefying changes that have happened in the last 2 and a half years.

God help us, forgive us our sins and remove those from power that have evil plans to bring about the destruction of America. It is closer than we imagine. We cry out for mercy. Thou are the LORD of the universe. Help us Father. amen.