Mary Anna (6 Feb 2011)
""Always be ready":  Bruce Lee, World Master of Martial Arts..."

What do you think dear Doves?

  "Always be ready" could be a good Christian motto!  Bruce Lee was told by a very, very old Chinese man he would die before he was 35.  He died when he was 32 by what is believed an allergy reaction.  When Bruce Lee talked about Martial Arts, he would say, "Always be ready!"  The very old Chinese man also told  Bruce Lee that he would return after he died.  All Christians will return to life after death in the last days.  Although B.L. was well known in his time, could there be some prophetic significance to his life, very,very early death, words he spoke in life and the words of that very old Chinese man spoken to Bruce Lee? 

   I've only just learned of him and now just can't get him off my mind! 
        Mary Anna