Mary Anna (28 Feb 2011)
"Hi to Fay....."

Hi Fay,

      Back in the days of your heron, it rang clear to me our Lord was reaching out to His people through 5 Doves, which was then new to you!  Looks like He found the right one to Post just before He comes to take us away with Him.  Never in my life have I come across such exuberance and enthusiasm!  Talk about jumping off the page....sometimes it does, Fay!  Your Posts alone tells me our Lord is soon to come!  It seems you feel an urgency that you must yield to in a Post as you receive new insights.  (In passing April 21, you mention, happens to be the day I arrived on earth.)  Hope we're gone by then!  Like everyone else, I'm marking time until our Rapture, so please forget that date with regards to me since I just wanted to let you know you have an avid reader in Va. which is only a stones throw away from Obama's temporary D.C. residence, Thank Goodness!

Thank you, Fay
May God Bless you.....
  (Looking anxiously forward to our Great Grand Reunion with our God, Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ in Heaven along with John Tng and his 5-Doves family with Much Love.)

Mary Anna