Mary Anna (25 Feb 2011)
"A rapture dream"

   Last night I had my one and only dream of the rapture!  It was a sunny day and I felt "this is it".  Wondering if it was the rapture, I felt sad that I was still here and then I felt enveloped in a magnificent LOVE and I was rising.  (I even thought, my whole body is rising!)  Looking up I saw an open door with ones holding out their arms.  It went through me, 'At Last'!  Jesus was in our midst welcoming and gathering us.  I woke up thinking, oh, a dream!  Still, perhaps it is soon to be and maybe I was given a preview! 

Coming events often have their shadows and that's what my dream may have been! (?)

Perhaps very soon we'll all be together in our Heavenly Home with our Dear Savior Lord Jesus Christ in MAGNIFICENT LOVE!
Mary Anna