Louis (1 Feb 2011)
""I need to continue flood vision>!"

From: Louis! i need to continue flood vision!Vision3---Amongst torn and desolate surroundings, the daytime weather calm. I am sheltering within a heavily battered industrial type building. I can hear others inside in another section of the building. I manage to pry open a cavity in the roof and peer out to view the sky. I watch in awe as the sky begins to alter before my eyes. The energy in the air also feels strange. I turn my head to see a mega tsunami incoming. I realise my impending fate, though strangely I am not very fearful as might be expected, as if accepting of the event. At the point of waking, I am shown a large red celestial body. This vision was an incredibly emotional experience as I came to fully acknowledge the huge scope of the events that will take place. The experiences in these dream visions were all too real to ignore.

*A few months after these visions, I was visiting a friend at his business premises. A few doors away was a charity store that had recently closed down. There were bags of goods left outside and I decided to have a look. I soon came across a bag full of books and on top of the pile I noticed a book that grabbed my attention. I had never seen or heard of this title or author before in my life. Later that night I decide to read up on my newly acquired title. Chills travel through my body as just a few pages in, I am reading a detailed description of events experienced in my dream visions. The book in mention is titled 'Return of the Gods' by Erich von Daniken, and the events being described are an Earth changing shifting of the poles as experienced by the Ancients. I could not ignore the synchronicity of this book seemingly 'finding me', and took it as a sign of validation of the things I had previously been shown.

Vision 4---I am a passenger in a vehicle travelling up a steep multi-lane highway busy with traffic.  I am shown only the view ahead. As the vehicle travels up the peak of the slope, the horizon comes into full view. What is revealed is the sight of two Suns in the sky; our Sun, and another right beside it, about a quarter in size, shining equally bright. This vision was quite brief, but felt incredibly real and displayed in striking detail as the others. I am still in awe of that sight, although it makes me anxious to play the vision back in my mind realising what it represents for humanity.