Linda Spencer (28 Feb 2011)
"The Awakening Blast"

Now THIS would explain it! Have any of you seen this?  We are living A GREAT BIG LIE!!!!!!!
Remember... "Day 5 The Awakening Blast"? 
On October 5th, 2009, the voice I heard spoke these words, not once but twice, loud and clear.  I thought it meant the rapture would take place and wrote about it on Doves and Catchaway.  Day 5 inclusive of that Monday was Friday October 9 and these most significant things happened. 
1. The O received the Nobel Peace Prize
2. America "Blasted the MOON"!
It was on TV live for all to see but didn't amount to much! Something happened with the video therefore the result of the blast wasn't shown. I think there was a scene of a few dust particles shown.
Please view the comments following the video and see what you think of all this.  I believe after seeing this, along with other videos concerning the "moon in front of the clouds", that my long awaited question, as to the full meaning of the voices message has been answered.  I am besides myself with the possible reality of what I'm seeing. 
"Great Deception" anyone!!!???
Come on...Can this be real?
LaCross Moon Mission Oct 9, 2009
If it is, then all of the messages I have ever received have materialized! Except one...
Nov 18, 2010 ~THIS IS IT, TIME IS UP!
Were Going Home You Guy's!
Blessed Be His Name