Linda Hazelton (25 Feb 2011)
"To Dave Molina"

Dave Molina,
YEP.  Best I've heard it said.
Dave Molina (24 Feb 2011)
"to: Michael Colunga re: Wars started through small events"

Hi Michael,
In another time with another President I would 100% concur with you. But, with the usurper currently "Occupying" the Red House this will not happen. He is a man who grew up hating this America and most American values, and that includes his commie militant wife as well. I blame him directly for the murder as I am sure that the Navy had strict ROE from him on this. So like the ROE that are getting our boys killed in Afghanistan, I bet that he reigned in the NAVY here and now American civilians are the latest casualty of his. Perhaps he was secretly pleased with the results and as a bonus for him they were even Christians. Well, as you can see, I am no fan of a man who is bent on destroying this Republic nor the useful idiots that put him there. But, one thing is certain, God has allowed this man to come to the Office. We are getting the rulers we deserve and I feel that judgment against this Land has begun with his election. It is just sickening too see it all happen though....