Linda Hazelton (23 Feb 2011)
"Suzi. . . about FOX"

I agree with you.  I've noticed a change in FOX in the last couple of months.  The Ron Paul thing was outrageous--and I would have
never known if I didn't see your post on Five Doves.  I don't support  Ron Paul but if FOX is going to mess with what is really happening
then they are just lame as the LSM.  I don't care for O'Reilly's "fair" and balanced either.  And there is a young blonde woman that is
soooo left and soooo arrogant that I turn FOX off every time  she comes on.  And they have her on ALL THE TIME.   It's irritating.  
I don't watch them for news anymore.   Pretty much just Hannity, Greta (who sometimes loses her way), and Glenn (I know. .  he's LDS
but he has been right about a lot of stuff--that's a whole 'nuther discussion).  The even handed ness is IRRITATING!!!!!!!  Drudgereport
also seems to be slacking.   My husband thinks that if there is no news Drudge can't post it but has anyone noticed that now a lot of the
articles are reported by sources that don't allow comments?   Amazing what subjects they choose to allow discussion!
I was also irritated when one of the FOX Sunday pundits interviewed Beohner and persistently asked him why he didn't stop smoking and some
other peronal question.   Dork--it doen't matter if he smokes. . . it matters where my money is going. Do they ask the liberal Dems about
their sexual orientation?  If smoking is fair game then sexual orientation is too.