Linda Hazelton (14 Feb 2011)
"Corey Ann"

Corey Ann,
Don't worry about being "extreme."    There is no support in the scriptures for celebrating pagan
holidays.   I did what you have done about twenty years ago.   While it takes a little time to get used
to every year it becomes clearer to me that it was the right decision.  The more I read about the
paganism attached to "holidays" associated with Yeshua's work I feel more peace about abstaining
from these false celebrations.   I celebrate only those holidays that Yeshua celebrated and add
Thanksgiving because there is some evidence that holiday was associated with the fall feasts of Israel.
I have celebrated July 4th but as the days pass I wonder that I should even celebrate that because my
citzenship is in heaven and we are close to going there.  As I homeschooled my children from the
beginning it was not that difficult to teach them this.  Actually, when they read on the internet that
Easter egg dyeing came about when the pagans would sacrifice their babies and then dip eggs into the
blood of those sacrifices my children decided on their own to stop dyeing eggs for Easter even for the
"fun" part of that holiday.  I also have an electric Hannukkah menorah that I "light" for Hannukkah.  No
trees or gifts for Christmas and certainly no Valentines.  Some see me as buzz kill and I have argued
for years with my parents about Christmas and Easter.   They didn't want to hear my explanations
based on history much less the scripture--same with my inlaws.  But my parents have since gained
understanding and I just don't bother to apologize anymore for what my Father in Heaven has taught
me.  My mind is on Heaven--that will be plenty of celebration for eternity!