Lester (22 Feb 2011)
"Re: The Great Pyramid of Giza"

The article about the Great Pyramid was very interesting, however it was not the first pyramid. The first pyramid was the 6 stepped pyramid of "Djoser". It was built by Imhotep who was not of the ruling family. Imhotep was in Egypt during the time of a 7 year famine (as recorded in the "famine stela").

Imhotep has to be the same person as Joseph - there are very many similarities, but most strikingly the 7 year famine recorded both in Egyptian history and the Bible. The stepped pyramid represents "Jacobs Ladder" - Jacob would have viewed this when he entered Egypt. It has 4 corners representing Jacob's 4 wives. There are 6 steps, but each step has 1 vertical and 1 horizontal level - so there are 12 levels - representing the 12 sons of Israel / Jacob.

There are also 11 pits - most likely grain storage pits. This is an anti-parable of Joseph being placed in a pit by his brothers, before he was sold into slavery. So the grain pits represent the famine that would draw his brothers to Egypt. There is probably a lot more symbolism in the architecture of that pyramid - it is almost the book of Joseph in stone.

Apparently there is just one hieroglypic character different between the name Imhotep and Zapanath Paneaah (the name the Bible records that the Pharaoh gave Joseph). The pharaoh had a number of names, one of them was Netjereket (I'm not sure about the spelling) - however later generations called him Djoser or Zoser - this is very close in pronunciation to "Joseph", so there is a possibility that he was also called by Joseph's hebrew name because perhaps Imhotep/Joseph was responsible for a lot of the achievements during his rule.

in Jesus' Name,