Laurie Hane (23 Aug 2010)
"Lewis Brackett- Matt. 24, one taken to hell "

   I knew, in the context as you showed, the rapture scenario just seemed to not
fit., although that is what I have heard preached from almost every pulpit.   I
read once what you presented, but had forgotten to get it really solidified in
my brain so.....I knew being the one taken wasn't a good thing, just couldn't
remember why.  Thanks for bringing it up settles much more
correctly in my spirit as being the truth of the matter.  Some people wonder
why we knit pick so, but I feel it is learn it hear or bear the truth in heaven
that maybe we weren't so good at rightly dividing the truth as we thought we
were.  Kind of like eating yourself at the head of the table when in actuality
you belong at the bottom.  Keep rightly dividing the truth!