Kevin Heckle (24 Feb 2011)
"Dennis: regarding your Niburu question"


You probably already read my post about the Niburu thing yesterday:

There certainly can be objects out there that we haven’t discovered.  I am pretty certain there is no particularly threatening UNKNOWN planet or object that is being kept from public view.  There are thousands of amateur astronomers out there who would have spilled the beans about it, there is no conspiracy.  Many of the asteroids that we know about were discovered by backyard astronomers.  Many of them live for that type of sighting.
The Bible says that Wormwood will fall to earth, which I believe is an asteroid.  It is lurking out there somewhere as it had a name in Revelation, that is it already existed then.  However, I believe we Christians will have departed prior to the event of its falling.

Thanks for the question.

In Christ,

Kevin Heckle