Kevin Heckle (17 Feb 2011)
"RE: Donna Danna's great 'number of the beast' reply to Chris Horan"

Great reply to Chris Horan
2+2=4 , it doesn't equal 3 or 5.  If the Bible says the number of the beast is 666, it "ain't" 660.    The Bible doesn't say in Rev. 13:18 chi xi or 660.  It says  ‡ξš = chi xi stigma or 666.
The Greek Ordinal-6 Gematria (that is alpha = 6, beta = 12, --->**omega = 156) of  Χο…ƒεν or Hussein is 666.
œ€αάκ Ÿμ€άμα or Greek for Barack Obama is 738738 = 666+66+6.
**Note - The 6th (stigma or digamma) and the 19th (koppa) letters of the Greek alphabet are no longer used but do count as these Greek numerical values.
stigma = Ordinal-1 (6), Standard (6) or Ordinal-6 (36)
koppa = Ordinal-1 (19), Standard (90) or Ordinal-6 (114)
This is my 'understanding' anyway.
In Christ,
Kevin Heckle
P.S. The Ordinal-1 English value of BARACK is 36 which is the 8th Triangular Number, is the triangular root of 666
"[11] And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the EIGHTH, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition." - Rev 17:11 KJV