Kent Crumpler (1 Feb 2011)
"To Fay, Leigh, D. Daughtrey & All Doves Re: Two Suns"

Right after I was born again (of water and Spirit) in 2008, the Lord gave me my first vision. I have never had any visions or experiences with the Lord, at least that I was aware of, until I received his Holy Spirit. I didn't share it with anyone and I was so new in Christ, I did not even know about this website yet. I wasn't even sure it was from the Lord but since I've had many since then, I know it was from him. Basically time passed, and I forgot about it.
I was taking a short afternoon nap, and in the vision I saw, you guessed it, what appeared to be two suns in the afternoon sky. Based on the position of our sun and the other object, it appeared to be mid to late afternoon, ie 4 pm or so. What's interesting about this, some time later, my son was watching some cartoons on tv, (don't know the name of the show), but he saw two suns in the show he was watching and said hmm, two suns.
Based on what has been posted about this & my experience with this, I believe it will come to pass.
In Christ,