Judy (6 Feb 2011)
"Judgment Is Coming"

A dear sister in Christ sent me the link to the article written by Ola Ilori
about Scott and i just had to let someone know that over a year ago a
Brother in Christ was given a message by the Lord and he had to share it
with me and anyone else who will listen.  This is the message the Lord gave
him that he passed on to me....

The Lord says it is 2 minutes till midnight.
Tell my people that i am coming sooner than any of them think.
Watch and be prepared for i come for a spotless Bride!

I was so moved and overcome with the witness of the Holy Spirit of God when
i read Scotts testimony of his face to face with Jesus.
Please tell Scot that Jesus is giving that message and than k you for
passing it along!

In Christ,
Judy Cross Fountain
(Yes that is my real name)