John B (7 Feb 2011)
"Another Major Quake----any hidden meanings??"

We had another major earthquake. This time it was a 6.4 quake on the border of Burma (Myanmar) and India centered in the Indian providence of Manipur. So I again went looking for any clues or facts about the area that may relate to the end times scenario, as many of the just prior quakes have provided.  I did a lot of reading and nothing jumped off the pages as to being extremely relevant.( which has not been the case in recent quakes) The one generalization that I gleaned about this particular part of the world was the "pagan-ness" of the area. And I guess what topped it off for me was the flag of Manipur (where the quake was centered) ---Picture of flag attached below. You'll have to fill in the blanks with your own thoughts on this one. I have mine------