John B (6 Feb 2011)
"Another Earthquake ---another message??"

I don't look to earthquakes for possible messages from God unless they are at least 6.0 and show up red at the website that monitors worldwide earthquakes.  The "red" one that  showed up last week was a 6.1 quake near Norway on an island called Jan Mayen and I shared the info and possible biblical clues that I felt were relevant with you.(link below)
The next and only quake to reach that "red" level since, happened on Jan.31st and was centered in Tonga. Tonga is another one of those far off south sea island groups between New Zealand and Hawaii and consists of 176 islands.
In reading about the Tonga islands I read that they are also known as the "Friendly Islands". They got that title due to the friendly reception that was shown to visitors upon arrival. I believe there are millions of people around the planet sitting on the edge of their seats waiting for that Rapture trumpet to blow and I know they are all expecting a more than "friendly reception". A friendly reception with moms and dads--grandpa's and grandma's---sister's and brother's----beloved friends and most importantly from Jesus Himself. Jesus has spent about 2000 years preparing this reception and it will be way grander than your wildest dreams. This reception and the Marriage Supper of the Lamb where He welcomes and celebrates His Bride (the Church) coming home, will be an affair that I believe will shake the cosmos.
There's free tickets to this grand party everywhere, all you have to do is "accept the one" who bought those tickets on your behalf. Jesus Christ paid for those tickets with His blood and His life, He paid the terrible cost of your sin debt and mine on a wooden cross 2000 years ago. And all He and the Father ask is that you accept this sacrifice He made on our behalf, honor Him as your Lord and Savior, turn your life over to Him and you too will have a free ticket to the biggest party the universe has ever seen. It's not too late, you can "mentally" sign up anywhere--anytime. But please make your decision soon---it appears from God's words and current world events that the angel is about to blow his assigned trumpet.