John B (21 Feb 2011)
"Raul---Nissan Rapture"

I enjoyed reading both of your recent posts---The 2011 Pole Shift and The Nissan Rapture. Both of these posts point to a high alert period for the Rapture to happen in the next two months.
I as you believe that the Rapture will occur during approximately the same time frame. We are both using different scripture verses to come to our conclusions. The case you built for a Nissan Rapture using Hosea, Joel and Matthew appears to be a sound one from my perspective.
I base my approximate spring Rapture on Isaiah 18 verses 4,5 and 6 where a time frame for the Rapture can be computed based on the phase in verse 5 which reads---"when the sour grape is ripening in the flower". This particular part of the verse appears to be referring to the Jews who have not as yet accepted Jesus as their savior but at a point down the road will do do. So they are not "sweet" on Him but "sour" and are ripening (turning sweet) in the flower and indeed will sweeten to Him and accept Him. This phrase speaks to a time when the Rapture happens when you read the entire verse. So at what time of the year is the sour grape ripening in the flower in Israel? I believe it will happen in one of your Nissan calculations, I believe the latter one or the Rabbinical period for Nissan will be the best fit.
Time will soon tell if we are right or if we are among the hundreds of others who have speculated on the illusive Rapture date and were wrong.
The Lord be with you Raul,
John B