John B (2 Feb 2011)
"Re: Christina---Earthquakes names, dates and meanings"

The locations and related facts of these recent major earthquakes seem to be specific harbingers from the Lord directed to those who are watching. They are full of clues and information that seem to directly relate to the end time scenario. To the people who are watching (as the Lord has many times instructed) these locations and biblically bizarre facts are a reassurance---an authentication-- that His words concerning these end times are happening or about to happen. His flock will be watching and hear His voice. To the rest of the world they are-----just earthquakes.
For weeks the location of the earthquakes and the location meanings seem to have related in one way or the other to the Rapture of the Church. Now with the last one we seem to have turned a corner into dungeons and dragons. Again a heads up--- with possible insights into the future.
How far do we want to read into the fact that it appears God has changed the subject line? From weeks of happy Rapture info to now dungeons and dragons. Is He trying to tell us that the Rapture is near--- and that He is moving on to the details of His great wrath ?? Maybe the next earthquake will shed more light on the subject. Or maybe the next big earthquake will be the one at the start of the sixth seal where the Rapture happens and  we all go home to be with Him. As per Rev.7:9-17 
To me it appears the Lord is reassuring us (and now maybe warning us) with this "hidden in plain site information" one major quake at a time. The information seems to present itself after we find out the location of the earthquake. So to pick a spot that we think an earthquake will happen like the New Madrid area (as you proposed) and speculate it's meaning is not the same as God just directing one to a location and then analyzing what He is trying to tell us. Much the same as to what I have read about the bible codes. Trying to go into the bible codes to forecast the future appears to be fruitless but after an event has happened then to analyze the surrounding scripture where the event appears does bear fruit.
These are my humble feelings on the matter. I am just a retired engineer with lots of time on my hands to read God's word and "watch" very closely as to what is transpiring around the planet. Bible prophecy seems to be--being fulfilled-- before our very eyes on a daily basis. It's very excited to watch it all unfold and it's even more exciting to have Him personally authenticate it through the information in these earthquakes.
Blessings to you Christina---and keep watching,
John B
Christina (1 Feb 2011)
"To John B - Earthquake Names, dates, and meanings....."

Hello John B.,
Wow!  I have been reading your postings/analysis on the names of the earthquakes and their meanings that have been happening for a while now.  I find it very fascinating and interesting.  I have a question that has been tugging at me and I thought I would ask you.  This is just speculation but what if an Earthquake was to happen on American soil say on the New Madrid Fault line like the earthquake that happened back in 1812.  Is there any biblical reference or name significance for it.  Just wondering.
Love In Christ,
Watch therefore, and pray always that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before the Son of Man."  Luke 21:36   
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