Joe Chappell (23 Feb 2011)
"Psalm 118 ( 2018 ) The Last Year of the Tribulation"

Dear Doves,
I want to say thanks to Gail for her post on Saturn and Israel. Right -ON !!!
I have been meditating constantly on the Psalms 110 thru 118, which I have said before , correspond to the numbers of the years we are living in.
Psalm 118, would be the last year of the 7 years of the Great Tribulation.
It is getting clearer by the day.
Sometimes when I read this Psalm, I read it out loud.  Often , the Holy Spirit comes on me and just takes over. I find myself shouting the verses !!!
There are many "3s" in this Psalm. I mean sets of threes, for emphasis I am sure.
For example,  v. 10,"Surounded" , v. 11, "Surounded" , v 12, "Surounded" . Israel is  Surouned,  in the final year of the the Tribulation.
" I will destroy them" , " I will destroy them", " I will destroy them".  God's responce to Israel's Cry.
The Psalm itself is divided into three distinct sections.
1. Hopelessness turns to Hope v. 1-9
2. God's Deliverance , Israel's enemies are destroyed  (  Armageddon ) v. 10 - 18
3. The Triumphal Return of our King v. 19-29
I litterally have to be careful, when reading and meditating in these Psalms. I get so caught up ! I am concerned that my heart will fail. I have considered writing a note to my family , in case they find me absent from my body one day !
Doves.....Soon !!  joeC