Jimmy Lishman (16 Feb 2011)
"Mercer re Let's settle who's under the altar-5th Seal"

Yeah ! Right on – Hallelujah this is exactly who is under the altar – I keep saying in our church – NOW is the time for Grace – it is free – YOU don’t want to be under the altar or amoung the vast crowd befor the aqltar – they were KILLED for their faith – we now have it for free – funny how the world always seem to think ‘there is no free lunch’ – its free NOW for a short while (very,very,very extremely short while!).

I have a great problem in our mainstream church in South Africa (I am a lucky one as our chief minister is also the Moderator in the church and I get to softly correct him on these issues!) – the LORD has made me a watchman on the wall in our church – and I enjoy correcting the traditions handed down from the old Professors in the theology University regarding the coming of the LORD, Revelation and Especially Matthew 24!

Keep up the good exhortation!

Peace & Love in the SOON COMING LORD JESUS