Jimmy Lishman (1 Feb 2011)
"Amanda 31 Jan 2011 - At last another voice like mine prompting people to do the simple math!"

Hi Amanda,

Halleluja – I thought I was the only one doing the simple math that the LORD has been showing me the last 3 months – Awesom

 I know He has told me many of times "His people will KNOW when the rapture is coming".   He's telling me SPRING, MAY AND 11.  So you do the math.  I almost can't believe it because all we know is here and now.


Blessings to you and keep it simple – as HIS word was meant for us normal simple people to understand – ESPECIALLY FOR A TIME LIKE THIS

I have been posting for the whole of January and not a peep of a comment – at last one that also hears the simple small voice of our LORD

Love in the Coming MESSIAH, JESUS CHRIST