Jim Goodrick (2 Feb 2011)
"Doug, Mitzie and Robin"

We are praying for 3 year old Nevaeh Mutain
--- who suffered cardiac arrest, and has been rendered helpless  ( unable to walk, talk, eat or remember ) ---
be healed in the powerful name of Jesus. "Is anything too hard for the Lord ? " Genesis 18: 14
May the operation for a pace-maker go smoothly and well, and may it make a beneficial difference in her life.
May she come out of her coma soon.

Sometimes a diagnosis is harsher than reality. We all must trust God, praising Him and thanking Him in advance for accomplishing a work far above what we could imagine or think. Ephesians 3 : 20

One's heart breaks as we read of the destruction caused by living on drugs. We will pray that God would bind the demonic forces over your son-in-law, and cover this matter under the Blood of Jesus.
We will pray that Amanda does the right thing by protecting herself and the children, even if that means separation.

We pray that you, Mitzie, and your whole family have peace ... peace that comes from responding to God's guidance, no matter how difficult that may be. May the Holy Ghost lead you and guide you.

Robin Wester,
We are praying for Miranda Hale to be completely healed of her heart attack and of her heart condition. We are praying that the Doctors and Staff practice much wisdom in her regard.
" I am the LORD that healeth thee " Exodus 15: 26

* * * *
For all three prayer requests, it is good to know that our God is an awesome God.
1. He may heal instantly,
2. or He may have healing take place over a long period of time.
3. Or He may send grace in the midst of the impossible to bear with His mysterious plan, that we will only come to fully understand in eternity.

May His peace and love surround us all,
Jim Goodrick