Jim Bramlett (9 Feb 2011)
"More on the pale horse"

Below is a reply from an old friend, a solid Bible student whose opinions I respect.

When I first saw this I looked carefully at the billowing smoke to see if it might be reflecting in the lens. It was not.

The horse initially is still, yet it's trappings are blowing. Like the trappings of medieval jousting horses. The rider is wearing a helmet and sits perfectly still. May be carrying a sword or a lance.

When he takes off it is just like a small plane with a run up, rotation and takeoff.

A small orb follows after him. Hades?? And this was on MSNBC, a network more biassed toward secular humanism than Christian fundamentalism.


In all, what else could this POSSIBLY be? A green, spectral horse showing up in the latest world hot spot, followed by an orb!

It means the 4th seal is open.

We can't discern the 5th seal, but the 6th seal will be coming 1 year from now, April 2012 with the total lunar eclipse.

It also means we now have something to hang our hat on as far as tribulation timing goes.

It also means the trib has at least partially started before the rapture, which appears to be mid-trib based on this. Ron Reese likely is right about the trib starting October, 2008.

I think it is a great act of Mercy on the part of God, for those of us who watch!