Jim Bramlett (11 Feb 2011)
" God's not mad at you!"

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“God’s not mad at you”!
Dear friends:
One of the best Bible teachers I have ever heard is Pastor Joseph Prince of the New Creation Church in Singapore.
Pastor Prince very powerfully points out that if you are a born-again believer, God is not mad at you, even when you sin!  And he does not punish you, even when you sin!
Yes, you heard correctly.  God does not punish you, even when you sin!
How can that be?  That is because God cannot punish sin twice.  If He did, He would be unjust, which is impossible.  He already punished you at the cross.  The Father punished all your sins by laying them on Jesus.  Jesus bore all your sins.  God cannot and will not punish you again.
So what do we do when we sin?  First, He wants us to “confess” our sin.  Confess means to “agree” with God and see it as He sees it.  Second, to keep from hurting ourselves and others, He wants us to “turn” from it.  That’s what “repent” means – to turn.
Then, third, we do not have to beg for forgiveness, as He already forgave us at Calvary.  By faith, we simply look to the cross and our provision, and thank Him for His great sacrifice for us, love, and forgiveness.
Many people are depressed and have no joy because of past sin, with the belief that God is mad at them and is punishing them.  No, no, no!  Look to the cross and remember what Jesus did for you.  Receive His forgiveness today.  In New Testament Greek, the word for “receive” (G2983) is lambano, which literally means to “take.”  God has already given it to you.  Reach out and take it!  Your faith will be pleasing to God.
Pastor Prince has been called to proclaim God’s grace, and he has been given much revelation and insight on the subject.  He explains the role of law vs. grace better than anyone I have ever heard.
For example, Scripture says, “The letter (law) kills, but the Spirit gives life” (2 Corinthians 3:6).
A vivid example is that on the Day of Pentecost, Moses was given the Law on Mount Sinai.  On that same day, 3,000 people died.  But on the Day of Pentecost after the resurrection, the Spirit was given and 3,000 people received new life!
The Law is called the “ministry of death” and also “ministry of condemnation” (2 Corinthians 3:7,9).  Grace is called the “ministry of righteousness,” because it is imputed to us apart from the Law and our performance.
“The law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (John 1:17).  Note that grace and truth go together.
Pastor Prince can be heard on the below channels:
ABC Family Channel Mon-Fri 5:00am (ET/PT)
Trinity Broadcasting Network Mon-Fri 7:00am (ET) Fri 12:30am (ET)
Daystar Television Network   Mon-Fri 6:00am / 3:00pm (ET)Mon-Fri 10:30am (ET) *New timing starts 02/14
And many more stations and channels.  See http://www.josephprince.org/Broadcast_Schedule_And_Listing.html?active=broadcast
Main Web site at http://www.josephprince.org .

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