Jennie (8 Feb 2011)

I agree 100 percent, this is the Green Horse, the last of the Four Horsemen to be released.  It's sad for Christians to be so naive to think that we won't go through some of the hard times.  God only promised to get us out before HIS WRATH comes.  That comes in Rev. Chapt. 6:17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand?  I believe that the Great Earthquake, Spiritual Sealing of the 144, 000 and the Great Multitude that no man can count will happen Simultaneously.  The Rapture will cause a Mighty Earthquake with all the accidents.....   I believe God just gave us Watchers a Wonderful Spiritual Sign to get ready, because we are out of here in just a matter of perhaps days.  This of course is my opinion, but everything seems to be lining up with the Book of Revelations.  Read the book, if you want to know what happens next?   YSIC  Jennie