Jennie (6 Feb 2011)
"Had the Weirdest Dream"

On the night of February 1st into the 2nd of February, I had a surreal Dream/Vision.
I was in my mini van with my two children and my mother.  We were sitting still in what looked like a parking lot.  Out of no where, a Whirlwind surrounded my van and picked it up.  The next thing I knew was I was half way up in the sky.  I thought, " Wow God is going to Rapture us in the van?"  Ha Ha.  Anyway, after sitting up in the air still for a moment, my van started going backwards.  I had to look out the back window to see where we were going.  Then the wind was gone and the van starting dropping back down to the ground.  I woke up before we hit the ground.  
Now, this wasn't a tornado, even though it may seem to be, I know it was a Whirlwind.  Everything outside the whirlwind was normal.  I read about today being Elijah's day, which he was raptured in a Chariot in a Whirlwind.  I thought WOW, could God be showing me how close we really are to going home???   Any thoughts??   YSIC  Jennie
P.S.  Everything happened in Slow Motion