Jennie (26 Feb 2011)
"My Vision:"

I have mentioned this vision before, but I feel I need to repost.  My vision was a Street Sign with writing on it.  Everything was covered with fog.  As I approached the Street Sign, the fog moved like a walk way before me.  The Street sign showed  the month of MARCH.  The day was blurred, but I could see it was a single digit.  My feeling was  that it was March  5th or 6th.  This is the feeling I got when starring at it.  As soon as I looked more closely at the Street Sign, the fog quickly covered the Sign up.  (As if to tell me no more looking?).  All of a sudden I was engulfed in Fog.  That was it.     I feel strongly that the Rapture might happen Early in March.  (This is just a Very Strong Feeling I have, and it's my opinion.)   I'm in no way date setting,  I believe God is coming ANYDAY now and we MUST BE READY NOW!!!!!   Too much going on, and we watchers can see it clear as day.   Hope to see everyone VERY VERY VERY Soon!!!!   YSIC  Jennie