Jennie (22 Feb 2011)
"Re Paul W."

Dr. Owuor is 100 percent correct in his prophecies.  Just because they don't happen in order doesn't make him a False Prophet.   It's very hard to understand what God shows us.  There is not time in Heaven, and we tend to use time with our visions and gifts.  That is where we make our mistakes.  The visions that haven't come to pass yet,  WILL SOON, whether before the Rapture or after, but they will come to pass.  This is definitely a Green Horse, and there is NOWAY it's a camera trick.  We have been blessed to witness this in our time.  We should be jumping for joy and getting ready for the Lord, and not spending all our time trying to debunk things that the Lord was so kind to share with us.  I for one am taking this as a warning and that Jesus is coming like ASAP.  The next event will be a Great Earthquake which I believe also involves the Rapture at the same time.   Let's give God thanks for this blessing he has given us for being his true WATCHERS.  He commanded for us to WATCH, so lets WATCH???   YSIC   Jennie