Jennie (19 Feb 2011)
"Re Linda Arn:"

Yes, I agree with you.  I have been a watcher since 2000 and it's now been 11 years and 50% of me says YES!!  It's about time, and the other 50% is very cautious.  Dr. Owuor so far has shown he has a gift from our Lord above, and I will listen until I see anything that is not according to the Bible.  The bible is our base, if we go by it, we can't go wrong.   With countries fighting and Iran ships in the Suez Canal, and now our country fighting......   I could go on all day with sooo much stuff going on.  Ha Ha.  It can't be too much longer.  I just read and watch with caution and hope for the best.  God is coming and we all can feel it in some way or another.  He promised to rescue us from the 7 Year Trib, but remember, he also said to be strong until he comes.  I believe in my heart that we are approaching Rev. Chap 6 I think it is the Great Earthquake.  (I believe while this is going on, so is the Rapture).  God's WRATH doesn't start fully until Chap. 8 after the 1/2 hour silence.  There isn't no where in the Bible that God says, The Seals, Trumpets, Bowls are for Tribulation only.  What we are going through is NOTHING to what is to come.  I am sooooo ready.   YSIC  Jennie